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Weardale, Co Durham, United Kingdom
I am a keen quilter, enjoying both hand and machine quilting. I mainly machine piece and avoid too much applique! I have 12 silly chickens who are supposed to live in a run alongside the main garden, but they didn't read the instructions and keep escaping! I am a very part time teacher, just a few afternoons teaching French to primary children to subsidise my fabric habit.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

positive thoughts

Very busy week this week!! I went back to WI and was given a very warm welcome. Even lost weight at slimming world! Also I have been very sociable, having people here for tea and biscuits and going out to friends for the same! Today I spent the entire day at the bank sorting out all the finances, confusing but necessary. Fortunately the bank manager is a lady and very kind and patient. Off to my daughters for a week tomorrow, need my dose of granddaughters!! We have several nice things planned, lunch with an old friend, movies with family and my Christmas present which was tickets to see a musical at the theatre! It has been much warmer today, 9CThe snow is nearly all gone, I do hope we dont get anymore but I suspect we will!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

God is good

We have had another dump of snow, so I carefully defrosted the car and slowly made my way down an icy road to Church, on the way saw 2 people walking in the same direction, so I asked if they were on the way to Church. They were so they hopped in and we crawled down the hill. They turned out to be newcomers to the village that I had met at the Jenny's cottage gathering  just before Christmas!!
Well my good deed was repayed big time, my friend's son arrived when I got back from Church, he is a big strong strapping rugby player and farmer!! He came to split logs and do any other jobs requiring muscle or height!!! Bless him , he made short work of the snow on the front path and then went up to the salt bin and collected a bucket of grit which he spread for me so I wont slip, even spread some round the coal bunker, and left me with another bucket of grit for emergencies! Plus I now have a weeks worth of split logs and a promise he will come with the tractor and log splitter and finish the rest of the shed!!!!  A big cheery grin and a cuddle made me feel so much better!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

more productive day

Better day today, delivered a birthday present for a friend and met up with very good friends for a cuppa. Then found a new hairdresser in a local village, on recommendation! Skin test and an appointment for tuesday afternoon to be trimmed and coloured!!! Home for a late lunch, then curiosity got the better of me, I managed to take the drawers from Paul's chest of drawers and carry them across to the little bedroom in the loft, then I thought I would attempt to move the carcass and see if I could get it down the stairs by myself or if  I would need to wait for muscle help. Tenacity is a wonderful thing, usually disguised as 'bloody mindedness!' little by little I got it down the stairs and around the bend, through the lounge and up the stairs at the other end of the house! It is now happily in place in the little bedroom, drawers reinstalled!!!
I had a great sense of self satisfaction and it has helped to re instate my self confidence in my ability to live here independently. I was beginning to doubt whether I could. I also managed to use the log splitter this morning and split 4 logs, I think the clue is not to try to do too many and to stand behind the splitter so I can put my whole body weight against the lever to get it to move once the pressure is on!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011


I surprised at how difficult I found taking the decorations down! I didnt find putting them up to upsetting but taking them down was another matter!! Hard work too as there was no-one to help me lug the boxes back up into the loft. Still its done for another year, hopefully I wont have to do it next year.
Its icy here I managed to drive up the lonnen but when I got out of the car it was just sheet ice so poor Barney  didn't get a walk to day either! Yesterday we were waiting for deliveries!! Maybe tomorrow! I think a hot bath and a cup of tea calls!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

productive day

The fire glass I ordered yesterday arrived early this morning and my kind neighbour fitted it to the log burner door!! My new bed frame arrived this afternoon so now I need a family member to come and help me build it in my room and get rid of the divan!!
A friend came with presents from school and stayed for a cup of tea, she lost her husband to cancer some years ago so really understands how I feel. She is such good fun and very kind. We had a lovely couple of hours. I dont quite know how it happened but somehow I have agreed to go to an art group on friday afternoon, as I dont draw or paint this could be interesting!!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

log burners

A kind neighbour came to help me sort out what I needed to mend the logburner glass door. Its ordered and should come tomorrow. We then moved on to log splitting lessons, sadly no matter how hard I tried I just wasnt strong enough. I spent the afternoon with a hot water bottle in my back nursing the pain in my shoulder and back! I will have to rely on my menfolk to split logs when they come. I do hope I can cope here, I wouldfind it very difficult to have to leave, all my memories of Paul are here.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Spring Cleaning

I made an early start on spring cleaning by finally managing to take down and wash the lampshades in the front room, and to clear out old shoes from the shoe rack by the front door! The old chest freezer is now clean and ready to go to Denise's. Tomorrow I will tackle the broken glass in the log burner door! Slowly making inroads on the excess books I now have 3 carrier bags to take to the charity shop. No quilting today but made a start on the second sleeve of the cardigan I have been knitting since before Paul died. Very slowly beginning to pick up jobs which have needed doing for a long time. Its good to have the peace and quiet and time at home to do things at my own pace, which at the moment seems to be very slow!