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I am a keen quilter, enjoying both hand and machine quilting. I mainly machine piece and avoid too much applique! I have 12 silly chickens who are supposed to live in a run alongside the main garden, but they didn't read the instructions and keep escaping! I am a very part time teacher, just a few afternoons teaching French to primary children to subsidise my fabric habit.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

positive thoughts

Very busy week this week!! I went back to WI and was given a very warm welcome. Even lost weight at slimming world! Also I have been very sociable, having people here for tea and biscuits and going out to friends for the same! Today I spent the entire day at the bank sorting out all the finances, confusing but necessary. Fortunately the bank manager is a lady and very kind and patient. Off to my daughters for a week tomorrow, need my dose of granddaughters!! We have several nice things planned, lunch with an old friend, movies with family and my Christmas present which was tickets to see a musical at the theatre! It has been much warmer today, 9CThe snow is nearly all gone, I do hope we dont get anymore but I suspect we will!!

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Donna said...

It sounds like you are coming along well. How nice that you can have some pleasant social activities. I'm sure you're enjoying your time with you daughter and grandchildren.